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●  	How to take care of the environment is one of the most worrying issues today

How to take care of the environment - Small actions that change everything

The Earth is our home and we have to take care of it and preserve it so that it continues to be so.This important task cannot be done only by a few, but we all have to collaborate and contribute our grain of sand as much as possible. And we say as much as possible because it is clear that not everyone can perform incredible actions that have an immediate and tremendous impact. But what we can do is commit ourselves to carrying out a series of small habits that, little by little, will end up changing the world.

And it is already known, a small gesture does not do longbut many little ones become the engine of change and end up generating a great impact. At DIVAIN. We are part of this change and we want to encourage you to join us too, so today we present a series of keys so that you know how to take care of the environment in your day-to-day life.


We couldn't start without naming the most basic and essential action of all: recycling. And we say that it is the most basic and essential because thanks to it we give a second life to the planet's resources, which are limited, no, very limited!

There are no excuses not to recycle. There are more and more containers in cities and towns and we can all find a space at home to put two or three bags in which to throw the different waste. But ... are you sure how to separate them?

  • In the striking yellow container you have to deposit all the plastic containers, the cans, the bricks, and the aluminum foil! This is one of the big flaws, since it is usually thrown in the organic container but it has to go in the plastic one. Of course, try not to contain food scraps.
  • The green container in the shape of an igloo is intended for all types of glass containers. That is, it is in this where you will have to throw the bottles of your DIVAIN once the perfume is gone.
  • In the blue container you have to deposit the paper and cardboard containers (such as the box in which we send your DIVAINs home and the one that carries the bottle itself).
  • And finally, the dilemma of organic remains. Here we are presented with two cases. If in your place of residence you have brown containers, we say if you have because they are relatively new) in them you will have to deposit all the organic waste that can be used to make compost (remains of vegetables and fruits, cooked meat, fish and seafood, pasta and rice, egg shells, coffee and tea grounds, tea bags, bread, chopsticks, herbs and plants, used napkins and kitchen paper…); and in the green of all life, everything else. If not, all organic and inorganic waste has to go green.

Closing the tap, turning off the light or using public transport are actions that help preserve the environment

Goodbye plastic!

Plastic is the number 1 enemy of biodiversity. It is one of the materials that takes the longest to degrade, so it accumulates, damaging the environment and the species that live in it.

And we are not exaggerating one bit: a plastic bag takes 150 years to disappear and a bottle made of PET (the type of plastic most used to make packaging and textiles) can take up to a thousand years to degrade. Hence the importance of using as little plastic as possible, and, if we have to use it, recycle or reuse it. These are some ideas to reduce your plastic consumption:

Use reusable bags and utensils

Nothing to use single-use plastic cups and plates or of course bags (we have already seen how long they take to decompose). Whenever you go shopping, carry a cloth bag or a reusable one. The less demand for plastic bags there is, the less they will be manufactured, and therefore less danger to the environment.

In addition, in recent years, the countries adhered to the International Environmental Treaties have established regulations and laws that regulate the use of plastic bags and supermarkets are obliged to collect them from their customers.

Buy in bulk

This is one of the simplest gestures but that most help to preserve the sustainability of the environment. Take your own cloth bags to the greengrocer, your tuppers to the butcher or fishmonger, an egg carton to the poultry shop ... So they won't have to use their own containers (which are usually plastic).

Don't waste water or electricity

In general, do not waste, but we affect water and electricity because it is the most susceptible to waste. And it is very easy to leave the lights or electronic devices on without being in the room or using them, or not turning off the tap when we lather the dishes or wash. Who has not happened?

This little oversight impacts the environment more than we think, so, you know. Stop wondering how to take care of the environment and start by turning off the tap and turning off the light.

Plastic is one of the most polluting materials that exist, that is why its use must be reduced

Use LED or energy saving bulbs

All the bulbs that are manufactured in Spain since 2012 are low consumption. And it is that they are not only more respectful with the environment due to the energy savings derived from their use, but they also yield much more and the quality and intensity of the light is much higher.

There are three types: LEDhalogen and fluorescent; although the former are the longest lasting and the ones that consume the least electricity by far. Although they are a tad more expensive than conventional bulbs, they are worth buying because in addition to helping the environment you will be helping your pocket, you will see how the amount of the electricity bill is reduced!

Avoid the car

Walking is healthy for the body, mind, and the environment! The less we use the car, the less carbon footprint (greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere) we will be generating, so the pollution will be less and we will collaborate in the protection of the environment.

We have to tell forever to the pollution berets that plague big cities, not only for preserving the ecosystem, but also for the health of our lungs. If you can't walk, always try to take public transport or carpool.

Delete unnecessary emails from the inbox

How? What will this have to do with it? Well, a lot! As surprising as it may sound, emails consume CO2 as sending and storing them requires energy to power data centers and the devices that process them.

Let the role pass away

And last but not least, say goodbye to paper or at least try to use it or make the most of it possible: print only when necessary and on both sides, reuse old invoices as scratch paper and swap the paper napkins for the ones made of cloth.

These gestures, however simple and small they may be, have great power to change the world and make it a much better place. Do like us and join the environmental protection movement Planet First!

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