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We think everyone should experience the scent of Luxury.


Over 800 perfumes

Discover the entire DIVAIN collection

Democratizing perfumes.

We've taken out the extra costs from retailers, celebrity endorsements, and franchise fees, so you can enjoy luxury fragrances at prices 70-90% lower than what you'd typically find from high-end brands. Embrace the captivating scents without the extravagant price tags.

Fair Pricing

From 26,95€ DIVAIN

100€-390€ Luxury Brands

Pleasing to the nose, gentle on your skin.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free | Paraben & Phthalate-Free | Planet First | Natural Ingredients | Free from Microplastics

The most exquisite essences from France to Spain.

Our essences are carefully selected in France by our team of perfumers, and the perfumes are crafted with great care in Spain. We are present on 3 continents and are leaders in Europe. With over 1 million DIVAIN Lovers. The customer is at the heart of our daily work, and everything we do, we do it for them.


By joining the DIVAIN Club, you can earn points and exchange them for discounts on your next perfume purchases. As a club member, you will also have access to special discounts on our best-selling products, exclusive promotions, news and previews, as well as invitations to exclusive events and launches.


At DIVAIN, we offer you the opportunity to try your perfume at home without opening the original product. If, for any reason, you change your mind and decide not to keep it, you can return it without any issues.
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