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The trends in sunglasses for this summer 2022

Top fashion sunglasses for summer 2022

In any summery look worth its salt, you can not miss good sunglasses. And, beyond being our best allies to protect our eyes from the dangerous rays of the sun, they are an essential accessory for every fashionista, as they add aĀ touch of personality to any look.

If you are a little involved in the world of fashion, you will know what the clothing trends are, but it is not so common to knowĀ what glasses are worn.Ā That is why today we want you to know theĀ trends in sunglasses for this summer 2022.

Trends in women's sunglasses

Oversized glasses

TheĀ oversize glassesĀ resist year after year as champions in the top of the trends of sunglasses for women. And why not, because being so big they feel like a fableĀ for all kinds of faces, especially square and round ones. Of course, this year 2021 they reinvent themselves to beĀ even biggerĀ and with aĀ classic square silhouette.

They give aĀ super chic and sophisticated lookĀ to the look, and even anĀ aura of mystery. Perfect for when you want to go unnoticed and that nobody recognizes you on the street, like aĀ movie star!

Oversized sunglasses are a safe bet and look good on all types of faces

Round glasses

Years ago, only characters with a lot of personality likeĀ John Lenon or Groucho MarxĀ dared with round glasses, but today they are a growing trend and more and more people dare to wear them, especially women. In fact,Ā round glassesĀ are anotherĀ trend in women's sunglassesĀ of this year 2022.

Dare with them in any color and you will see how yourĀ look acquires a retro and very cool. Although if you have a round face... we do not recommend them too much.

The hippy style of the 60s left us round sunglasses as a legacy

Cat eye sunglasses

Cat eye sunglassesĀ imitate the shape of a cat's eye, and although they are originally fromĀ the 50s and 60s, their use was resumed a few years ago. And ever since, these elongated women's sunglassesā€¦ have been in the sunglass trends year after year!

This 2022 they are, if possible,Ā larger and more striking colors, such as white or red, although black cat eye glasses are always going to be the queens.

And we are not surprised, because justĀ by wearing them you can elevate a mediocre look to a super sophisticated one. Bet on them because they are a safe investment, it looks like they will never go out of style.

Sunglasses with a cat eye silhouette are one of the most sophisticated and elegant

Trends in men's sunglasses

Sunglasses with a narrow silhouette

TheĀ latest trends in men's sunglassesĀ tend to be much moreĀ groundbreaking and daring. Goodbye conventions, hello modernity!

This year the most innovative are theĀ glasses with frames with narrow silhouettes, in theĀ purest Matrix style. Who has not wanted to have the lookazo of Neo sometime?

The 80s left trends in the world of sunglasses that are still in fashion

Sunglasses with colored frames

You can see that, with the year that we have been, there is aĀ desire to add color to life, sinceĀ colored frames are the mostĀ and are everywhere.

Although they can put you back because they are more difficult to combine, dare with them, we assure you that you will not regret it. Just by putting them on you willĀ go from having a normal and boring look to a casual and very original one. Your glasses will catch all eyes, forgive the redundancy.

Vivid colors are all the rage in 2021

Aviator glasses

One of the trends in men's sunglasses that will always last (or at least we hope so) isĀ aviator style glasses. And it is that they feel so good! They are a timeless classic, super combinableĀ and give an incomparableĀ coolĀ touch to each and every one of the outfits that you can think of.

Dior or Tom Ford are some of the most famous eyewear designers

Sunglasses with gradient lens

Sunglasses with gradient or smoked lensesĀ (those that go from a dark color to a lighter one as they approach the lower edge of the frame)Ā are a must this 2022.

Although in previous years yellow was the king in terms of lens colors, now full color lenses are carried: green, red, orange, purple ... The only thing that matters is that they are striking and clear, so that the eyes are seen behind the lens.

Oakley, Carrera and Rayban are the best-selling sunglasses brands

Now that you know what theĀ cool glasses are this summer, don't wait another second and choose the ones that best suit your style.Ā 
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