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There are very notable price differences between some perfumes and others

Why is there such a price difference between perfumes?

Let's put ourselves in a situation ... You want to give a very top perfume to your special person and you find one like Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian (DIVAIN-611). Its very name already indicates exclusivity and luxury, so you can guess a high price, so the almost 200 euros it costs does not surprise you (or yes).

How can it be? Why do some perfumes have exorbitant prices, while other very similar ones are super affordable? Let's find out.

Unique and exclusive ingredients

The world of perfumery does not escape the “everything is invented”. For this reason, master perfumers strive to create fragrances that are as innovative and special as possible.

And what is the only way to achieve it? Creating a unique combination of ingredients, so many times they have to resort to raw materials that are either hyper exclusive, or that are a strangeness in themselves. And these ingredients are not cheap to say ... so the final price of the aroma rises.

Some of the unique ingredients in expensive perfumes come from remote places or are extremely complicated to extract, as in the following cases:

  • Ambergris: A secretion produced by some species of whales, whose price per kilo is 5,000 euros. But of course, it provides a unique aroma and also increases the fixation of the fragrance.
  • Orris: The smell of the iris root is very reminiscent of violets, but it is much more special. Its high price of 3,000 euros per kilo is due to the fact that the extraction of this essence can take from 3 to 5 years.
  • Oud: This wood of Asian origin (also known as agarwood) is a real object of desire for perfumers, as it gives the fragrance body and intensity. It smells of a mixture of wood and hazelnut, and is very popular in expensive men's perfumes and oriental perfumes. Its price is also about 3,000 euros per kilo.

Oud or ambergris are the most expensive ingredients in the perfume world

But really, today almost all brand perfumes (except some niche perfumes) are made through chemical formulas that imitate natural essences, so raw materials are not the main reason that makes the price of a fragrance so high. In fact, according to the popular British newspaper Daily Mail, generally, the price of the fragrance itself does not exceed 3% of the total.

That remaining 97% is due to the two factors that we develop below in addition to the profit margin, of course).

Design and packaging

As is well known by all, the most expensive perfumes on the market come from the most exclusive fashion brands in the world such as Chanel, Tom Ford or Bvlgari; in which design and attention to detail are its maxims.

So they cannot bottle their fragrances in plain bottles and made of normal materials, no. They want the bottle to be a true collector's item so that the perfume becomes an object of desire not only for its aroma. To do this, they hire some of the best product designers, whose fees are reflected in the final price of the perfume.

Then there is the case (not so isolated) of some bottles that contain gold, sapphires, rubies or even diamonds.

The niche perfumery has very high prices for its exclusivity

Advertising campaigns

Although without a doubt, advertising campaigns are the ones that decisively raise the price of a perfume. Some of the best perfume ads They have stars of the stature of Rihanna, Johnny Deep or Kate Moss, and their hiring is not exactly cheap.

To give an example, the Chanel brand invested a whopping 33 million euros for the production of its advertisement for Chanel No. 5 in 2004. And of course, he hired the actress Nicole Kidman and the film director Baz Lurhmann (known for The Great Gatsby or Moulin Rouge).

Where to find the best cheap perfumes online

If you are one of those who do not pay much attention to the exterior and prefer a good interior, equivalence perfumes are your solution.

At DIVAIN, we prioritize the quality of the fragrance above all else, dispensing with expensive advertising campaigns and luxury packaging. We opted for bottles with simpler designs, but, yes, very aesthetic and taking care of every detail; to make them special even if they do not have gold, diamonds or are designed by a renowned designer. Ours are made of glass with a wooden topper. Thus, we manage to lower prices while maintaining exceptional quality.

In addition, from the purchase of two, you can get your cheap perfumes online without shipping costs and with the possibility of return if you haven't got the scent right.

The best quality and cheap online perfumes can be found at DIVAIN

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