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Top with the best candyfloss scented perfumes

Cotton candy scented perfumes Sweet and irresistible!

If you love sweet perfumes, you can't miss this selection of the most irresistible candyfloss scented fragrances. Unmistakable, powerful and exquisite aromas with sweet-toothed ingredients to remind you of your childhood and leave your mark. Discover them and get them now at DIVAIN at a unique price. We have them all! ;)

DIVAIN-538, inspired by Viva la Juicy

The first of the candyfloss scented perfumes that we bring you, is one of the most chic scents designed for young women who want to eat the world. DIVAIN-538, similar to Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture presents a combination of delicious ingredients such as mandarin, caramel, praline or vanilla, which give rise to a fresh and light fragrance, but with an irresistible sweet touch.

DIVAIN-688, inspired by D&G Femme by Dolce&Gabbana

DIVAIN-688, similar to D&G Femme, is a cocktail of freshness and femininity that will give you the energy you need to achieve everything you set your mind to. This perfume begins with a delicious top note of mandarin, raspberry and neroli that melts into an elegant floral heart of jasmine and orange blossom. Finally, a base of marshmallow and vanilla brings a sweet and gourmand side to the fragrance.

DIVAIN-116, inspired by Candy by Prada

Sweet and gourmand like no other. DIVAIN-116, inspired by Candy by Prada, stands out for its unmistakable caramel aroma that will conquer all your senses. Its formula contains, in addition to caramel, other notes such as musk or benzoin that provide that spark that makes it unique. A perfume made for women with a strong personality, passionate and daring, you'll love it!

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DIVAIN-905, inspired by I Don't Need A Prince By My Side To Be A Princess

This is one of the jewels in our Black Edition, the most exclusive and limited collection. DIVAIN-905, inspired by I Don't Need A Prince By My Side To Be A Princess by Kilian, is a rebellious and free unisex perfume designed to love your way. A perfect combination of ingredients and explosive notes such as lemon, apple, ginger and marshmallow create a sweet and soft scent with a spicy touch that is wildly addictive and flirtatious.

DIVAIN-070 for women

DIVAIN-070 for women, is a daring, mysterious and seductive proposal. The freshness of its citrus top notes is mixed with a sweet heart starring the notes of candyfloss. All balanced with a warm base of musk, sandalwood, vanilla and caramel. An unbeatable fragrance for sexy and wild nights. Dare!

DIVAIN-065, inspired by Angel by Thierry Mugler

Elegant, sophisticated and sensual. This is the definition of our perfume DIVAIN-065, inspired by Angel by Thierry Mugler. With a complex combination of oriental and sweet notes such as pineapple, candyfloss, chocolate or sandalwood, this perfume achieves a distinguished and feminine scent only suitable for daring women who love to be the centre of attention. You won't be able to resist!

Sweet perfumes with the scent of caramel, marshmallows and candyfloss

DIVAIN-690, inspired by Aura White Magnolia by Loewe

Let yourself be captivated by this original and enveloping perfume designed for unique women who love every little detail of life. DIVAIN-690, similar to Aura White Magnolia by Loewe, stands out for its simple but never-before-seen composition, featuring a magnolia flower accord, notes of candyfloss, vanilla dye and yuzu. An iconic, sensual and very feminine fragrance.

DIVAIN-670, inspired by Mancera Roses Vanille

Finally, we want to finish this TOP of the best perfumes with the scent of candyfloss with a fragrance for women made especially for vanilla lovers. DIVAIN-670, Roses Vanille by Mancera combines the freshness of its top notes (lemon and aquatic notes) with a delicious heart of rose and sugar fused with a base of musk, vanilla and cedar. So intense and exclusive that you won't want to let go.

Now that you know the best perfumes with candyfloss, don't waste another second and get your favourites on our website. Buy online equivalence perfumes at a price as irresistible as these sweet scents, we are waiting for you!

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