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DIVAIN TEAM, S.A., with registered office at Ctra. Astorga-Pi, 34, 24710 San Justo de la Vega, León, and with CIF B-06939128 (hereinafter "the ORGANIZER"), will carry out a Promotion called "DIVAIN LOT 12 PERFUMES LOT" (hereinafter "the PROMOTION") and which will be developed in accordance with the provisions of these terms and conditions.

1.- Territorial and temporal scope of the promotion.
1.1 The PROMOTION shall be carried out at an international level, within the countries in which it operates.
1.2. The PARTICIPATION PERIOD will be from February 8, 2024 to March 31, 2024.

2.- Participation.
2.1. Any natural person over 18 years of age, understood as an end consumer (hereinafter, the "Participant/s" or "User/s"), who meets all the requirements set forth in these terms and conditions, shall be entitled to participate in the Promotion.
2.2 THE ORGANIZER reserves the right to request from the participants a document proving their age and legal residence.
2.3. In the event that any of the persons excluded from participation is the winner, he/she shall lose his/her right to obtain the prize, and the prize shall be awarded to the next person who meets the conditions of valid participation from among the designated alternates.

3.- Free of charge.
3.1. This Promotion is free of charge for the consumer and does not imply in itself an increase in the price of the products and/or services participating in the promotion.

Mechanics of the Promotion.
4.1. All those participants who comply with the requirements established in base 2.1 and who, in addition, comply with the steps described in the following point, will be able to participate in the promotion.
4.2. The steps to be taken in order to comply with the requirements established:
Follow the specific DIVAIN Parfums account of your country on Instagram.
Upload an original photo with your DIVAIN Parfums socks to your Instagram profile.
Use the hashtag #DivainSocks in the description of your post and tag the DIVAIN Parfums account corresponding to your country.

5.- Prize.
5.1. The prize consists of a set of 12 DIVAIN Parfums perfumes. The total value of the prize is more than 287 euros. The winner will have the opportunity to personally choose the perfumes included in the lot, according to stock availability and the conditions established by the ORGANIZER.
5. 2. The winner will be contacted through the Instagram platform from his/her country's account and will be asked for the necessary data for sending the prize.

5. 3.- The winners may renounce the prize, but in no case may exchange it for another prize or for the amount in cash.

The winner will have a period of two (2) calendar days from the date this email is sent to respond whether he/she accepts or waives the prize. If after this period, no response is received from the winner, it will be understood that he/she renounces the prize. The winners may renounce the prize, but in no case may they exchange it for another prize or for the amount in cash.

These legal bases provide clear and detailed information about the steps to follow to participate in the sweepstakes, as well as the terms and conditions related to the prize. It is important that participants read and understand these rules before participating in the promotion.

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